From The Director and CEO's Desk

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Welland Gouldsmith Schools, Kolkata where we endeavour to mould you into the BEST version of YOU. Here, in our institutions, we nurture intelligence and potential, in order to enable each student find the gateway to their own successful life. The attitude that sets the WGS apart is our belief that true intelligence is the combination of natural ability and a hardworking attitude.

Like the founders of our schools- the Rev. Welland and Rev. Gouldsmith, we never forget the Christian principles on which we were founded and built. Our faculty offer and impart quality education, built upon a foundation of honesty, hard work and our culture, which champions resilience. Ours is an Anglo Indian school, where we provide a holistic education, through the medium of English and nurture the members of not only our community but all communities that make up this great nation of ours so that our children learn to respect each other and to live in peace and harmony despite their differences.

We want our students, who are "our jewels, bright and rare", to be confident, determined, hardworking, enjoying the freedom to experiment, to strive for personal bests, to embrace leadership opportunities, learn to overcome obstacles, pray, laugh and grow and do all this with a sense of humility. The reward of all our labours is that each young man or woman who leaves the portals of our schools should be good and tolerant human beings who go out into the world confident in who they are, and as ambitious and assertive as they are academically-gifted.

A sound education is based on a strong partnership between the school and the home and we welcome open and positive communication with our parents. On a personal note it is a matter of great joy and pride for me that in this, my 36th year as Principal of our B.B. Ganguly branch and in the 10th year after the founding of our Patuli branch, that, moving forward we are today, continuing to break new ground, as we launch our Welland Gouldsmith website. I thank all those whose hard work and efforts have helped make yet another dream of mine a reality.

Of course this website cannot take the place of discovering firsthand what makes the Welland Gouldsmith Schools so special so we invite you to join us and find out for yourselves the uniqueness that best suits the needs and interests of your children, offering an abundance of opportunities to enable you to make an investment in their future so they can become the very best individuals they can be.

I conclude with our School motto "NISI DOMINUS FRUSTRA " from Psalm 127: Vs. 1. We thank God that He has blessed our schools and we believe that He will continue to do so, thus ensuring that our labours are not in vain.

With warm regards,
Dr. (Ms.) Gillian Rosemary Hart.
Director of Edn. & CEO.
Welland Gouldsmith Schools,
Kolkata, West Bengal,

From The Academic Administrator's Desk

Dear Friends,

As Parents, we are eager to provide for a promising future to our children. We are keen that our next generation avails of new opportunities without losing their moral, cultural and ethical values.

Hence, as parents, our search is possibly for an effective school that would attend to our children's academic and multi-dimensional needs.

Whether it is at B. B. Ganguly Street or at Patuli, we, at The Welland Gouldsmith Schools, believe that students should be provided with different educational pathways to help them excel in their studies. While we offer a full range of academic subjects we do not forget that what is important are the values, moral standing and life-skills learnt, both, inside and outside the classrooms. Together this moulds and shapes them into better human beings who can lead more fulfilling and satisfying lives.

We never cease to be impressed at the willingness of a large number of pupils who become involved in the wider life of the school or at the talent that they show. The staff collectively discharge their responsibilities in a professional and cheerful way to provide opportunities for those talents to take root and to nourish them, so that ultimately our pupils can become ambassadors through sport, through our clubs and societies, through travel and through modern communication technologies: ambassadors not only for their School, but for their country in a global context.

We, at Welland Gouldsmith Schools, have and will continue to impart quality education, catering to the all round development of the child. Our challenge is to keep working to turn it into a great system where all students irrespective of their backgrounds can succeed at school. Where all students can leave school equipped with lifelong skills for ongoing learning; well prepared to live and work in different and changing settings.

With Best Wishes
Mr. M. S. Calvert, MLA
Academic Administrator
Welland Gouldsmith Schools,